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It shows a great deal of strength to be able to say you would like some support and you are ready to look at your feelings.

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As adults we are often led to believe there is no place for "weakness" such as asking for help. This can lead to overwhelming feelings often from a lifetime of not acknowledging hurt or trauma.
It can seem like a daunting idea to unpack some of those hidden traumas and that is where counselling comes in. As a counsellor I am there to support you as you delve into your emotions and thoughts and bear witness to your traumas. By doing this together you will see that those thoughts and feelings lose their power over you.

The adolescent years can be very difficult with pressures at home and school while navigating an ever changing body and brain. Bullying, social media influences, relationships, gender and sexuality questions all on top of exam pressures and study can leave our young people with a huge amount of anxiety. I have worked with young people in a number of school settings over the years and have seen first hand the anxiety they are trying to manage sometimes leading them to need medication or resulting in self-harm. By helping our young people with these anxieties now we can equip them for the rest of their lives with tools and strategies to build resilience.

In a free initial consultation we will discuss what brings you to counselling and what you would like to achieve from our sessions. I will explain more of the counselling process to you before you make any decisions about starting counselling with me. I work with young people and adults from ages 13 years and up online or over the telephone. In good weather and area dependant I also offer a Walk and Talk therapy session. 

The lotus is a symbol of rebirth, self-regeneration and enlightenment.
Even with it roots in the darkest mud it grows to produce a beautiful flower.
Water Lily
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