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Military Counselling

Serving, Reservist, Retired, Spouse, Child

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Transition into the military can cause upheaval and uncertainty. The transition back into civvie street can be just as confusing. 

During your time in the military there may be pressures on relationships, experiences of grief and the losses involved with postings and promotions.

The everyday life in the military can cause a weight of issues that are considered normal. When these issues become too overwhelming then they can impact on your physical and mental health.

If you are not feeling yourself, talking about it may help you understand what's happening under the surface. It shows great strength to seek support.

Military Spouses & Partners

The military family can be a great source of support for spouses and partners.

Sometimes though, you may just need to figure out what's happening in your own world. The extra pressures on you, running a household while your other half is deployed or out of area. Looking after children and pets as well as managing jobs on your own. The strain on relationships can be tough.

Having a safe space to explore whatever concerns you can help give you strength.

military spouse counselling
Military child counselling

Military Child

Military children are represented by dandelions, they can thrive anywhere. This ability can come at a cost to their sense of identity. Military children are excellent chameleons, able to adapt to their surroundings and be what others need them to be but do they know who they are and what they need for themselves.

Their sense of belonging is often linked to people rather than places.

Grief and loss is a standard practice with postings or boarding schools.

Then one day, maybe, their parent becomes a veteran and their identity has changed again into a whole new world. 

Exploring their sense of self can help establish relationship patterns for adult life and understand who they want to be.

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